Potted Poetry

Potted Poetry

Embracing the late summer symphony

Gardens and homes undergo magical changes as the late summer sun’s golden beams dance upon the lush vegetation. Nature’s beauty is at its peak this time of year, drawing us to plants and flowers. This lovely season lets us enjoy potted plants and herbs outdoors and bring scented blooms home. We bring the garden and greenhouse’s late summer beauty within with beautiful floral arrangements.

Elizabeth Pot honours all women, ordinary queens who sail against the wind with pride, grace, and strength. Like the late queen, this pot is sturdy and elegant. Gothic arches decorate its sides and form an imposing crown when flipped upside down.

A treasure vault of terracotta and gorgeous green creatures

Step into a beautiful refuge where the Elizabeth pot delicately holds plant delights basking in the sun. The pelargoniums add romanticism. The gentle aroma of their foliage recalls summer evenings. A fountain of grass emerges from the container next to nestled pansies with charming sun-facing flowers.


A treasure vault of raw terracotta pots waiting to be made into botanical containers, the miniature pottery cabinet is surrounded by gorgeous green creatures of thyme, delicately dropping hearts on a string, smelling geraniums, and the whimsical charm of Mexican fleabane. The rustic shelter holds the clay pots that liven up our gardens and homes.

The tall, slim pot is built of durable materials. Available in two gorgeous tones, grey and rosa terracotta, with six sizes from Ø12 cm to Ø25 cm.

The glasshouse – a lush late sanctuary

The greenhouse is a sheltered haven where the late summer intensifies its magical fragrance. The Elizabeth pot holds an array of botanical beauties: The lush pelargoniums keep reaching up to the glass ceiling, soaking up every ray of sunshine, and the white petals of the Japanese anemone are an enchanting sight as they delicately dance on their slender stems.

The greenhouse is a sheltered haven where late summer air is lovely and aromatic. A space for plants, reflection, and contemplation. You can escape the daily grind and reconnect with nature there.

Bringing the spirit of nature inside

Three ornate Elizabeth pots filled with tall, exquisite white Japanese anemones and lush pelargoniums bring the garden’s splendour to the doorstep for a pleasant ambiance.

Stepping inside brings the garden vibe into the living room. The Elizabeth pot with scented pelargonium and Indian cress and fresh-cut Cosmos flowers creates a tranquil and lyrical atmosphere on the windowsill.

The Elizabeth pots by Bergs Potter showcase nature’s beauty. They inspire us to find inspiration, joy, and wonder in every petal and leaf of plants and flowers in our daily life.

The Elizabeth pot with scented pelargonium and Indian cress and fresh-cut Cosmos flowers creates a peaceful and lyrical environment on the windowsill. The flower display glows warmly in late summer thanks to window light highlighting the plants’ rich greens. 



Words: Bergs Potter – Photos: Bergs Potter


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