A Danish Queen in a Swedish rectory

A Danish Queen in a Swedish rectory

The majestic Daisy has moved into teacher Emelie Wrangmo’s old rectory built back in 1863. The vicarage has been completely renovated in a classic style with care and respect for the historical details.


The idea that several generations have left their mark on the house made Emelie fall for the place. She and her family, including her husband Andreas, their three children, a golden retriever, and two cats, have since 2012 put their own touch and memories into the historic building. Emelie’s attention to detail and a nose for period features resulted in an instant crush on the Daisy series.

Since the day I first laid my eyes on Daisy, I have absolutely loved her.
– Emelie Wrangmo

The elegant Daisy loves to dress up in the colour of her favourite gemstone, emerald green, where she serves as a tall, slender vase or a glazed cover pot: Vases H 12, and H 20 cm, set beautifully on the table and the short cover pot in Ø25 cm rests gracefully on the mantelpiece in the home of Emelie Wrangmo. Photo: Emelie Wrangmo.


An elegant fit for a mid-1800s house


Emilie appreciates the elegance and ‘flow’ of the Daisy pot and how it fits perfectly into their mid-1800s home. With a trained eye for period details and style, she carefully chose the decorative green foliage for the old rectory.

Designed by Bergs Potter, our Daisy series symbolises the strength, elegance, and classical lines of the Queen of Denmark. The name and design of the series also refer to the family of perennial daisies as it embodies the grace, and simple beauty of the eternal flower. Photo: Emelie Wrangmo.

We like our Daisy tall, slim, and colourful as well as short and curvy. Right: Daisy vase in Emerald Green, Ø12. Left: Right: Daisy in raw Rosa terracotta, size Ø30 with a size Ø25 cm laying aslant inside. Helena Ø12 cm and an Elizabeth Ø25 cm holding a large monstera. Photos: Emelie Wrangmo.

Daisy brings an extra level of loveliness to our interior both when it comes to the raw and the glazed styles. They are absolutely beautiful by themselves or together, with or without plants as an interior design detail.
– Emelie Wrangmo

Daisy holds her audiences in several fashions: As a classical standing pot and as a wall-hanging pot. As an ode to a bygone era, the green ivy sits beautifully inside the wall-hanging pot in the drawing-room. Photo: Emelie Wrangmo.

The ivy was a popular indoor plant during the Victorian times. It was then used to outline archways over doors, form actual walls of ivy, and climb around picture frames and mirrors. Photo: Emelie Wrangmo.

You need to do what you like and feel good about – but at the right dose.
– Emelie Wrangmo

Emelie’s interest in gardening has grown considerably since she moved into the vicarage. However, she is still keen on creating a lightly cared for garden that does not create stress or pressure for it to be perfect. She has an important job in shaping her young pupils and inspiring them to become confident human beings, and she also has her own large family to prioritise. A small potted garden on the front porch of her orangery makes the task of gardening manageable.

Sumptuous pots in quality terracotta are perfect for outdoors plants. If properly drained, they will endure outside even during the cold winter months. Here side-by-side are the Copenhagen pot and the Piccolina pot from Bergs Potter’s exclusive outdoor series in raw Rosa terracotta. Photo: Emelie Wrangmo. Photo: Emelie Wrangmo.


We are thrilled to have our glazed Daisy pot and vase – inspired by our elegant and creative Queen – in colours suitable for a royal


It is well known that Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark is fond of strong colours. As a pot, she is covered in luscious emerald green glazing and is one of few in Bergs collection with neither drainage hole nor saucer. As a vase, she comes in both emerald green and amber yellow.


Like Emelie’s beautiful 18th-century rectory, Daisy is ready to conquer interior and exterior spaces that call for beauty and authenticity.

Photos: @bergspotter


Words: Bergs Potter – Photos: Emelie Wrangmo & Bergs Potter


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