Winter care guide

Winter care guide

Our raw terracotta pots are naturally frost strong due to the high quality of our unglazed clay. If properly taken care of, they can withstand many winters outside in the cold.


It’s crucial to ensure the pot drains well and keep the hole at the bottom from getting clogged. If the hole gets blocked, water will accumulate, and when the temperature falls below 0°C, the water will freeze, causing it to expand, which may damage the pot

Step by step guide of how to prepare your terracotta pots for the winter

1. Soil preperation

Make sure that the plants you leave outside during the winter drain well. When potting the plant, add a large piece of curved pottery over the small drainage hole to prevent rocks or dirt from becoming stuck in the hole. Fill the first quarter of the pot with drainage stones before adding soil. This will aid in the drainage of the soil.

2. Drain excess water

Remove the saucer so that excess water doesn’t freeze or damage the roots.

3. Pot feet

Place pot feet, small rocks or wooden blocks beneath the pot to raise it at least 2 cm above the ground. The water will then be able to drain before it freezes.

4. Insulate

If you live in an area with frequent rain or sudden temperature changes and have a larger pot, we suggest protecting it from snow and rain. If it gets very cold, we recommend that you add an insulating layer of bubble wrap, fleece, or hessian. Please be aware that pockets of frost may occur, so it’s advisable to take precautions. Wrap the insulating material around the pot and secure it tightly with string to ensure complete sealing.

5. Shelter

Make sure the pot is in a protected area, like against the wall of your house, porch or balcony. To avoid any potential cracks or marks when they freeze, it is best not to move your pots around during the winter.


Words and illustrations: Bergs Potter
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