A French-style pot for the conscious hearted

A French-style pot for the conscious hearted

Just across the channel from it’s origin, the Simona pot has moved into the green home of the creative couple, Jeska and Dean Hearne. We’ve peeked inside their conscious space on the southern coast of England and gotten their five tips on how to shop for a greener future.


Dean and Jeska love products with a story to tell. Besides being skilled photographers and stylists with a particular green thumb, the adventurous couple runs the conscious online shop ‘The Future Kept’. They have lost their hearts to the detailed and historic style of the Simona pot, which now enhances their eclectic home and garden. The thoughtfulness of the pot that cares for the roots of the plants and which is brought to life by skilled hands, makes the Simona pot echo their philosophy: They want to inspire people to think carefully about the items they surround themselves with.

Objects should be ones to endure, cherish and keep.
– Jeska Hearne

Photo: Dean & Jeska Hearne.

A green future kept in a French pot


The Simona pot by Bergs Potter is a romantic type of Parisian pot that we imagine has appeared in countless French homes since the peak of its popularity in the 1820s-1860s. It might be that Steffen Berg imagined this pot exactly in a place like Jeska and Dean’s, where it offers elegance and grace in a green and eclectic home. But the idea of Simona was born long before this summer day in Sussex. Years ago, Steffen Berg spotted an enchanting pot in the middle of a flea market in Montmartre which inspired him to create the french mademoiselle. Since then, the Simona pot have carefully come to life in the hands of our Tuscan craftsmen and women.

Despite her French origin, Dean and Jeska came across the Simona pot on one of their many Scandinavian travels. They took an instant interest in the delicate mademoiselle and brought her back to their home just across the channel of her ancestors’ birthplace.


Discover the Simona collection here.


On the table: Simona Ø12, Ø14 and Ø18 cm in the garden greenhouse of Jeska and Dean. Photo: Dean & Jeska Hearne.

An eclectic taste and a passion for consciously crafted products fill their home and garden. As a natural lady Simona blends in. Born from Italian quality clay, with very high density, her stout soul allows her to withstand boiling heat, chilly weather and soaking in a downpour. Just like the rest of the iconic, raw Bergs Potter pots, she is lovingly conceived without adding any harmful additives which makes the raw terracotta pots from Bergs perfectly suitable for growing edible plants.

The Simona range in Nordic grey – from left: Ø14, Ø18, Ø12 and Ø16 cm. Photo: Dean & Jeska Hearne.

Living plants play a vital role in the homespace of the UK couple. Here, Nordic grey Simona pots are gathered in Jeska’s favourite part of the house. Autumnal mornings, quiet afternoons and dusky evenings are always spent here in this nook with a book, cup of tea and perhaps something sweet. A poetic corner of nature, art and light.

Feel like adding a splash of colour? The Simona series is also available in a glazed version. Featured above, from left: Ø16, Ø18, Ø12 and Ø14 cm. Photo: Jeska & Dean Hearne.

'Small run productions; handmade, artisan and vintage products offer a tactile beauty and calls to be celebrated.'
– Jeska and Dean Hearne

A piece of quality pottery presents itself with stamina and sturdiness when weighed in your hands. Your fingers will investigate memories from nature and creation when touching the subtle variations in the raw clay or sensing the little ruggedness in the smooth glazing.

A vivid rosemary plant in the a raw Rosa Simona pot enjoying the late sunrays at the garden table. Photo: Dean & Jeska Hearne

An eclectic taste and objects with history fill the home. Photo Jeska & Dean Hearne

A peek behind the curtain. The Simona pot in various sizes. Photo Jeska & Dean Hearne


Five tips to shop for a greener future


Dean and Jeska seek to promote a lifestyle which we can only agree on: Appreciating and cherishing the items you choose to have in life, keeping them to pass down through generations and holding onto them for as long as possible. We’ve gotten their five best tips on what to keep in mind when shopping consciously:


Look only for long-term relationships

Items with a classic design that can live on in your family forever to be loved, cherished and kept.

Buy Less, Buy Better

Seek items you want to pass down through generations.
Items of lasting quality, made with love and care.

Find perfection in imperfection

Small-run, handmade, artisan and vintage products that show the maker’s touch or the wear of time, make each piece unique.

Seek quality products

Choose durable, quality made, with a sustainable and ethical approach, from materials that patinate beautifully.
Items that will stand the test of time, age well, and are made from the best materials are not destined to end up in a landfill.

Choose those who care

Choose responsible brands that care about our world.

A fragrant green vibe in the bedroom with a rosemary plant makes it a natural way of scenting your room for tranquil moments and dreamy nights. Photo: Dean & Jeska Hearne


How to live with nature


The home of Jeska and Dean offers great inspiration on how to live with nature in mind. Besides living plants, that play a vital role in their homespace, a thing to consider when you want to decorate in an eco-friendly way is using what you’ve already got. Rearrange, remake or even transform or use objects in a completely new way, can be a great way to cast a new light on your home decor and interior.

Use an old cache pot as a vase or place a glass jar inside a terracotta pot and make it a temporary nest for cut wildflowers. Use plants in new ways, just by placing them elsewhere – like inviting the herbs from the kitchen into your bedroom; bringing fresh, tranquil scents to the room, and serving as a natural air freshener.

The raw Rosa Simona pot on a vintage garden stool. Photo Jeska & Dean Hearne


Pots and plants are an easy and stylish way to transform the look and feel of your home space. Get cuttings from friends or from the garden and propagate. Living with plants does not only bring nature closer to us, caring for our green friends – making them grow and thrive – is also said to boost our moods, spark creativity and even reduce stress.

Invite nature inside and explore the power of green.



Words by Bergs Potter.
Photos by Dean & Jeska Hearne of The Future Kept

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