Scandinavian silhouettes

Scandinavian silhouettes

The minimalistic, modular Hoff collection has moved in with the whimsical and dreamy mind of Creative Director Laura Short in the Danish city of Aarhus.


Laura is half-Danish and half-Dutch, and together with her English husband, the cosmopolitan couple has designed their living space with sleek shapes and sophistication. With a focus on lines, light and lightness, their home epitomises Scandinavian minimalism.

The HOFF pot Ø8 cm in Rosa clay sits beautifully on Laura’s windowsill with a dried hydrangea. Photo: Laura Short.

Pictured above: The Hoff set Ø14 cm with a Rosa pot and the rusty red saucer resting on a book about Danish Architecture 1850-1950. Photos: Laura Short.


The HOFF collection has struck Laura’s razor-sharp graphical eye. She is particularly taken by the earthy colours of the pots and the beautiful coloured glazing that, in her opinion, will compliment any plant. Laura loves flowers for their often incredibly striking yet delicate beauty, but she does not have particularly ‘green fingers’ herself. But even without any plants or flowers, the artfully crafted Hoff pots appear as sculptural objects on their own.

Three HOFF pots in Nordic grey terracotta size Ø30, Ø18 and Ø8 cm in the living room of Laura. Photo: Laura Short.


The combination of shape, solid craftsmanship and first-class materials is evident in the stringently stripped-back modular structure which fulfils the design’s stringency that is prominent in the HOFF series. The HOFF series is taking its offset in the raw, organic and natural clay, and timeless glazes to add a splash of colour.

The series of first-class, raw terracotta allows roots to breathe and plants to thrive – and the creative spirit to flourish. The contrast between the rough clay and the soft, tender glazes on the cylindrical shapes, pleases the eye and stimulates all senses.

Hoff glazed cachepot variants. Here in beautiful company with the Pierre Chapo stool. Photo: Laura Short.

Photo: Bergs Potter.


“A design that achieves a sense of timelessness but still catches the eye and brings daily joy” was the philosophy of Anne Hoff – the designer who created the HOFF series. The contrast in the composition between the very rough surface of the raw clay and the smooth glazed saucer makes the HOFF pot interesting to look at and invites its user to engage in playful combinations of contrasts and colours.

Apart from the series of flowerpots in premium raw terracotta, the series also features a line of fully glazed cachepots with no drain hole in colours matching the saucers from the flowerpot series and a variety of versatile candle holders.

HOFF candleholders in the dimmed light of a silent Danish spring evening. Photo: Laura Short.

Two sculptural HOFF pots on the windowsill. Photo: Laura Short.


A huge appetite for modern architecture, design and arts keeps Laura’s artistic veins pumping. Travels, museums, books, magazines, photography, film, and nature itself inspire Laura to photography and creative works.

Laura’s philosophy is to spend time doing things you love and take energy from that. There are many worries, distractions, and troubles in our everyday lives, but she tries to focus all her attention on the things that matter the most.

Photo: Laura Short.


Words: Bergs Potter – Photos: Laura Short


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