Chasing the light

Chasing the light

From the window sills in the countryside home of Swedish photographer Christina Strehlow, our Planet series interprets the scenic Scandinavian daylight. Like stars in Christina’s verdant universe, our plant pot series – “Berg’s Planets” – designed by versatile designer Christian Buur Bangsgaard – cast their shadow in the harmonic homeliness of a poetic image maker.


A planet is a potential home to a multitude of lifeforms – just like a quality clay pot in its raw, breathable material, with the essential drainage hole.

In Bergs Potter’s  Planet Series, the interpretation of facilitating life are met by designer Christian Buur Bangsgaard’s fascination of modular structures.

Shadow and light are formed by the circular structures of “Venus” Ø14, in raw Rosa terracotta. Both photos: Clay Plants


The circular, layered rings that appear like nurturing limitations to the spectacular and magic variety of fragile, verdant existences, forms the design for each pot in the series. 

A taut design with a soft finish, made from the earth and bound to it from now till forever.

Photo: Christina Strehlow


As the light reaches the surface, Bangsgaard’s design system bends and breaks the light in sharp geometric lines – a contrast to the green and organic organisms that rise above and reach for the skies or ceiling.

Being a photographer obsessed with light and shape, Christina loves how the shifting light casts shadow on the Planets, adding depth, dimension and drama to the appearance. The light that casts the seasonal colours through the windows – and allowing the plants to grow and be nurtured.

A home is where you find harmony and thrive. It might be both beautiful and inspiring, but most importantly, it is about the people who live there and with whom I share my everyday life – my family
– Christina Strehlow

Every element in the room reflects the light from the seasonal nuances outside. Photo: Christina Strehlow

Photo: Christina Strehlow



The tilt of the Earth and the elongated orbit cause the seasons – and the light – to change. The fields in the surrounding landscape turn from green to gold. And the light – casting through the windows of Christina’s old cottage house – turns from harsh to haze. Photo: Annie Spratt

Photo: Christina Strehlow



Photo: Christina Strehlow



A planet – for each dimension


The plant pot series consists of five different sizes, all named after some of the most prominent planets in our solar system – Mars, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter. The pots in the series fit neatly into each other, with Jupiter (Ø25) being “the mother” and the decreasing sizes fitting in like a set of Matryoshka dolls.  Bangsgaard’s work has received an Art Award in Ceramics, and his works have been featured at Danish Modern Art Museums in Charlottenborg and Trapholt in Kolding.

From left to right: Mars Ø12 cm, Venus Ø14 cm, Saturn Ø16 cm, Neptune Ø21 cm and Jupiter Ø25 cm. Photo: Bergs Potter


The plant series is available in both our Nordic Grey and raw Rosa terracotta.

Explore the collection here.

Photo: Bergs Potter



Words by Bergs Potter.
Photos by Christina Strehlow, Annie Spratt & Bergs Potter

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