A passion for still life

A passion for still life

In the picturesque town of Jersi, Italy, lives the gifted photographer Ania. Ania is behind the Instagram profile @‌lunaa80 and captivates life’s mesmerising, quiet moments and the timeless allure of flowers.


Ania’s photographic journey has seamlessly merged with her passion for still life, where she creates a harmonious blend of artistry and nature. She found her muse in Misty, Bergs Potter’s enchanting series of vases.

The ever-changing seasons determine Ania’s colour palette. Her mother’s garden in Poland was an endless source of floral inspiration – and she cherishes whatever the season has to offer. Photo: Ania

The Misty vases, with their exquisite surface adorned with gently entwined petals, cast a spellbinding aura. The sumptuous emerald-green glazing softens and smooths the surface, evoking a sense of magical beauty that transcends the ordinary, enchanted Ania. Its ability to magnify the grace of any flower or branch became a canvas for her creativity.

In the soft light, Misty’s surface came to life, casting a magical glow on Ania’s carefully chosen blooms. The vase’s vintage allure and versatile design allowed Ania to craft captivating compositions, celebrating the fleeting beauty of nature.

A carefully picked branch bursting with rich carmine-coloured rosehips embellishes Misty in graceful autumn attire. Photo: Ania

I love to capture simple, quiet moments. It's an invitation to slow down and enjoy little things. Life can be busy for all of us; that's why we can't forget what is really important in our lives.
– Ania

Photography is more than a passion for Ania; it is a reminder to slow down, savour life’s simple pleasures, and find inspiration in the delicate petals and vibrant hues that surround us.

I have always been a creative person and have always been passionate about flowers. Before I started my photography journey, I used to paint a lot of still lifes with flowers. That's why it was quite natural and obvious for me to photograph flowers and plants
– Ania

A closer study of Misty Round. Photo: Ania

Misty’s charm lies not only in its design but also in its versatility. Available in three sizes of round-shaped vases and one large cone-shaped vase. Its deep Emerald Green signature glazing, meticulously applied by hand, reflects natural light in a mesmerising dance, creating an aura of timeless elegance.

Ania and Misty, a perfect union of art and nature, invite us to embrace the beauty that blooms within the quiet corners of our lives. Let us celebrate this harmonious blend, finding solace and inspiration in the timeless allure of Misty vases and the creative spirit of individuals like Ania.

Misty’s silhouette of a youthful peony crown makes her a flower in her own right. The vintage look, the smooth yet coarse textures with the glazing reflecting the natural light magically, makes Misty a profound favourite to Ania. Photo: Ania

The Misty series in Bergs Potter’s deep emerald green signature glazing is available in three different sizes: a medium round-shaped vase and a large round-shaped vase, as well as a large cone-shaped vase. Photos: Bergs Potter


Words: Bergs Potter – Photos: Ania.


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