A Royal Descendant: Get to the Root of the Københavner Pot

A Royal Descendant: Get to the Root of the Københavner Pot

It derives from royalty. It has more than two names. And it is our very first! We want to take you to the roots of our most popular pot – ‘The Københavner Pot’. 


Two names. So confusing! But for things we love – we tend to have many names. This is precisely the case for our ‘Københavner Pot’, which is also known to many as the ‘Copenhagen Pot’ or the ‘Castle Pot’. We know that two names are a bit confusing, but there is a good reason why it was initially named the ‘Castle Pot’.

Have a read, and get to know why.

Steffen Berg – son of our founder – found the inspiration for this pot design when he visited a former nursery. His eye got caught by a distinctive and majestic pot, which later became the foundation of what today is known as Bergs Potter’s Københavner pot.

The Københavner pot by Bergs Potter in raw, Rosa terracotta.


It turned out that the original pot was an antique pot from 1860 – originally made at the Royal Danish castle of Fredensborg. Over time, the production of this antique pot was moved from the castle to smaller potters in Copenhagen. Here the pot was made for years until the craftsmanship got outdistanced by the industrial production of plastic pots that began to grow in popularity in the 1960s.

The Royal Danish Castle Fredensborg in 1880. By Theodor Siersted, source: Forlagsbureauet i Kjøbenhavn 1895.

Steffen Berg fell in love with the noble pot design, and today, our potters make Bergs take on this pot by hand in a small village near Lucca in Tuscany. The pet name ‘KØBENHAVNER POT’ soon emerged, and this is today how it is mainly referred to by the Bergs Potter family.


The Københavner pot by Bergs Potter is available in numerous varieties – glazed, raw, as tall rose pots and low and regular pots. View the entire collection here.


Words and photos: Bergs Potter


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