Why A Hot Summer Gives Your Plant Pot Freckles

Why A Hot Summer Gives Your Plant Pot Freckles

Understand why terracotta pots periodically develop freckles – and get to know the characteristics of our natural ‘summer babies’.


Let’s talk a little bit about ‘freckles’. Freckles are what we have named the little visible grains of colour that occasionally appear on our natural raw clay pots. But, why do some pots have freckles and some do not? We want to let you in on this topic as we dig a bit deeper into this month’s terracotta fact.

The pure beauty of nature


Freckles are what we call the little visible grains of colour that occasionally appear on our natural raw clay pots. Technically they are calcium and minerals that are naturally found in clay.


View from our origin in Tuscany, Italy. The rich Italian soil beneath golden wheat and olive trees has been the base for one of Italy’s oldest crafts for a millennium.

At Bergs Potter we make natural, raw clay pots, made of the best Italian premium clay, fired at extremely high temperatures. We never use chemicals to seal the surface of our raw pots – we prefer to work with the pure beauty of nature – just clay, water and fire.

Because we use organic and untreated premium Italian Galestro clay – the best clay available – the freckles i.e. the minerals, are more pronounced on some lots of clay due to variations in soil conditions in Tuscany, Italy. Many Italian potters consider this feature an attractive characteristic, and so do we!

The minerals that cause the freckle formation are necessary because they give the material its characteristic porosity which also makes the pots resistant to frost. So don’t be sad about freckles, they are only a visual characteristic of the personality of your pot.

a hot summer gives your pot freckles

Summertime is freckle time


As with us humans, so with pots – freckles are a sign of summer. Most of the time, freckle formation occurs during the summer when it is hot, and the clay dries faster. So, when you see a freckled pot, you know it is a ‘summer baby’ – produced during the hot and sunny season. Sometimes it happens the ‘freckles’ come loose and fall off and leave a bit of residue. Luckily, this only happens once. If you experience loose freckles, we advise you to soak and wash the pots with a soft brush before using – and you will avoid cleaning up ‘fallen freckles’.

JULIE, our simple yet charming pot – clad in her summer freckles.

JULIE without the sign of summer.


Words and photos: Bergs Potter


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