The Italian word for ‘bell’ – Campana – perfectly describes the shape of this majestic outdoor pot. The Campana series has the largest planters produced by Bergs Potter for ‘al fresco’ use. The plant pot has a clean yet full-bodied appearance – and the rounded edges give Campana a soft look.


If you are looking for the largest planters in Bergs Potters collections, then Campana is the answer. The largest available pot is an impressive 105 cm in diameter.


By hand, premium clay is rigorously packed into colossal casks to mould each of the large pots, and subsequently, the pots are dried and slowly fired for several days to reach the ultimate robustness of each of the decorative vast plant pots.

Thanks to patience in production methods and premium clay, the Campana collection is naturally resilient to frosty weather. Get all the details in our Winter Care Guide.

Sizes [Ø/H]:  60/45, 80/62 and 105/80 cm.

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