Our series of Misty vases emerges out of a deep Emerald Green haze. When exploring the exquisite surface of this collection, a pattern of gently entwined petals reveals itself. The scintillating pattern and the sumptuous glazing soften and smooth the surface and gives us a sense of magical beauty.


Misty magnifies whichever flowers or branches she holds, and her silhouette of a youthful peony crown makes her a flower in her own right.


The Misty series in our deep Emerald Green signature glazing is available in three sizes of round-shaped vases and one large cone-shaped vase.


The smooth yet coarse surface reflects the natural light magically – and makes Misty a profound favourite to many.

Sizes [Ø/H]: 20/19, 25/23 and 30/28 cm.
The cone-shaped is 24/40 cm.

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