The Beautiful


The Beautiful


The scalloped clay pearling along Helena’s top edge gives this pot a soft and classic look. North of Rome in the Lazio region lies the small town of Di Bolsena, a place once filled with potters and the home of Roberto Rosso, one of Italy’s best potters.

Taking inspiration from ancient Greek designs, Rosso created a pot with a distinctive clay pearling top, which was popular throughout the 1800s. Then, quite some years ago, Steffen Berg’s inspiration arose from the original design, and he created the Helena Pot. Today, Tuscan potters are making it again.

Our classic Helena comes in two soft glazed colours inspired by nature: Pearl Grey, mirroring the uncultured pearls that exist in the depths of the ocean, and the ever-loved heart stone, the Rose Quartz, a feminine, nude pink, symbolizing compassion and calm.

The soft-coloured saturated glazing accentuates the elegant scalloped pearling along Helena’s top.

Raw pot (rosa and grey) [Ø]: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 25 and 30 cm.

Tall rose pot [Ø/H]: 14/18 cm.

Herb dish [Ø/H]:  21/10 cm.

Glazed (quartz rose and pearl-grey) [Ø]: 12, 14, 16 and 18 cm.

Pots in raw terracotta and glazed ceramics

Tall rose pot and low herb dish.

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