The Heavenly


The Heavenly


Celeste is a hybrid of a pot and a pedestal. The wheel-thrown masterpiece reimagines how to display and nurture precious plants. By combining the timeless elegance of a hollow pot with the versatile functionality of a pedestal, Celeste is designed to elevate your botanical haven to heavenly heights.

Handcrafted on the pottery wheel from premium terracotta, Celeste embodies the essence of traditional craftsmanship and durability. Its expertly sculpted hourglass-shaped pot design creates an elegant and nurturing environment for plants. The waterproof saucer effortlessly doubles as a lid to transform the set into a pedestal or side table, proofing the design’s versatility.

Small: Ø 26cm. H 23 cm.

Medium: Ø 39cm. H 28 cm.

Large: Ø 38cm. H 34 cm.

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